HAYS Honors Veterans with Free Housecleaning

HAYS Cleaning is offering the Helping Our Heroes promotion to serve those who have served us. Until December 31, 2017, HAYS Cleaning will gift 3 free hours of residential cleaning to local veterans, active military, spouses, and their parents. Call 708-598-3819 or email mary@hayscleaning.com to schedule your appointment for services.


The Helping Our Heroes program is the brainchild of Mary and Art James, owners of HAYS Cleaning, Inc.

Art James is a disabled Vietnam Veteran. For six years, his family was in the “appeal process” to get the compensation benefits that he not only is entitled to, but fought for, for our One Nation Under God. In September 2011, Art received his decision for entitlement.

During the last several years, Art and Mary faced many, many, many challenges. They feel that God has so blessed them beyond belief…but believe it! They could not have gone through everything without their family, friends and so many others who offered support, prayers and so much more. Art and Mary feel that God has put them in the right place and at the right time. He has always provided their daily needs along the way.

Mary and Art, along with HAYS Cleaning, Inc., wanted to Help Our Heroes, to Pay It Forward. Their desire to give back is what inspired the birth of the Helping Our Heroes program, which was launched for Memorial Day 2010. It was repeated for Veterans Day 2010 and has continued every Memorial Day and Veterans Day since that time.

In the past 6 years, HAYS Cleaning has provided over 150 hours of complimentary cleaning services for area veterans, active military, their spouses and parents.


Mary and Art James can be contacted online at either www.hayscleaning.com or www.helping-our-heroes.com. Calls may be directed to the HAYS Cleaning office at 708-598-3819; email inquires to mary@hayscleaning.com. HAYS Cleaning is located at 9428 S. 78th Ct, in Hickory Hills, Illinois.

Helping Our Heroes For 7 Years

Free Housecleaning for VeteransHAYS Cleaning celebrates bringing free housecleaning services to area veterans, active military and their families for 7 years!

Program History

The program was launched by the owners of HAYS Cleaning, Mary and Art James, in 2010, as a way to honor local men and women who have served in the United States Military.

A few words from company President

“It’s our way of paying back, ” explained Mary. “My husband, Art, is a disabled Vietnam Veteran. He has faced many challenges from his service. Together, we have worked to overcome those challenges. Providing cleaning services for local vets is our way of ‘giving back’ a little something to those who have given so much to this great country.”

Continuing the tradition, HAYS Cleaning will provide 3 free hours of cleaning services to local military veterans as well as to those in active service. Call 708-598-3819 or email mary@hayscleaning.com to schedule your appointment for services.

Mary James on WGN Radio

Heroes-Memorial-Day-2015-green-bgMary James, President of HAYS Cleaning, Inc., was interviewed by Hannah Stanley, on WGN Radio on Sunday, July 5, 2015.

Hannah asked Mary to share the Helping Our Heroes program information with her listeners.

Helping Our Heroes provides 3 hours of free housecleaning for veterans, active military and their family.





Read more about the Helping Our Heroes program here: http://www.hayscleaning.com/2015/04/free-housecleaning-for-veterans/

You can listen to the interview here (it starts at about the 12 minute mark): http://wgnradio.com/2015/07/05/hannah-stanley-in-for-dave-plier-full-show-070515/

Help Wanted!

Help-WantedHAYS Cleaning is looking for a few people to join our team! Applicants must be a validly licensed and insured driver in the State of Illinois; owning your own car is a plus. Preference is given to Veterans of the United States Military.

Download the Independent Contractor Application here. Complete and either email to mary@hayscleaning.com or FAX to 708-237-0865. We will notify you to schedule an interview.

We are a residential and commercial cleaning company that is family owned and has served the south suburbs and south Chicagoland area since 1979.


We are Santa’s Elves!

Mary James, second from right, with some of the HAYS Cleaning team

Mary James, second from right, with some of the HAYS Cleaning team

Team members from HAYS Cleaning, Inc. gathered very early this morning to plan some Christmas mischief!

Mary James, President of HAYS Cleaning, said, “I like to gather my team for breakfast every month or so. This morning we were planning some Holiday specials for our customers!”

Be sure to check back starting December 8, 2014 for some Christmas magic from HAYS Cleaning!

Mary, in the center, with some of her team members

Mary, in the center, with some of her team members

Meet Beverly, HAYS’ Social Gal

Beverly, with her  son

Beverly, with her son

Beverly Osterman helps spread the word about HAYS Cleaning through the social media outlets.

How did you find out about HAYS Cleaning?

One of my very best friends, Karen Hoogland, asked me to help with some advertising for one of her clients. I was out of a job and she knew I needed some extra money. That company was HAYS Cleaning and I have been with them since October 2013.

What is the best part about working with HAYS Cleaning?

The best part about working with HAYS Cleaning is the people. I work in the background doing computer work and advertising, so I do not see most of the cleaning staff on a daily basis, but when I do they are very friendly and fun to be around. Mary and Art are great bosses. They live by simple rules that are similar to my own, including trusting in God.

Do you have a favorite cleaning tip?

I have many and I post them on the HAYS website under the “15 Minutes & Done” part of the company blog. I am a person that likes it simple, quick, and easy. Check out HAYS Cleaning web site, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter for awesome ways for quick cleaning solutions.

Do you have any humorous stories about working with HAYS Cleaning that you would like to share?

I have to say it is all the cats and their people. Wherever I work there are always cats that want to help. It is funny when I pull out my computer; it attracts all of the cats in the vicinity. This happens even when I visit the HAYS Cleaning office or work with Karen at her office: the cats join the fun!  I spend at least 10 to 15 minutes trying to get them to go away, before I can get anything done. And yes my cats are no exception. I’m glad I work with so many cat lovers. Mary, Art and  Karen are great cat lovers, I’m glad I have the chance to work with these wonderful cat people.

Meet Karen, the HAYS Tech Girl

Karen Hoogland

Karen Hoogland

Karen Hoogland is the Marketing & Website Manager for HAYS Cleaning. 

How did you find out about HAYS Cleaning?

I found an ad for HAYS Cleaning through a local college job resource board. I was interested in bringing in another client or two for my freelance business and I responded to their ad for a webmaster.

How long have you been working with HAYS Cleaning?

I started working for the company in January 2009. I started out working on the company website and other marketing materials. Quite quickly, I was offered the opportunity to write contracts for the company as well as take over bookkeeping duties.

What is the best part about working with HAYS Cleaning?

The people. Mary and Art James, company owners, are a warm, friendly and honest couple. I liked them from the very first time we met. They are both hardworkers who appreciate others with a similar work ethic. Their team of workers are professional and genuine.

What has been your best experience while working with HAYS Cleaning?

The owners appreciate and recognize not only my talents, but also those of everyone who chooses to work for them. I also like that the owners are not only willing to share their knowledge but are also very willing to learn new things, too (such as computer skills).

When I first started doing projects for HAYS Cleaning, Mary and Art were not all that computer savvy. Mary used email and went online, but that was about it. Art, well, he still had a flip-phone that was about 8 years old. Through some convincing and cajoling, I’ve managed to bring both Mary and Art into the 21st Century; they both take advantage of many technological resources, including Facebook, Android devices, DropBox and Google applications.

Can you share any humorous stories about working with HAYS Cleaning?

There was one time when I was making some updates to the computer over in the HAYS Cleaning office. I did not realize that one of Mary and Art’s cats, Josie-Girl, just has to be in the office whenever anyone is working. Not all that unusual until I realized that she just has to sit on top of any papers I happen to be working with – even if they were on my lap!

The Men of HAYS Cleaning

Art, with Black Jack and Jesse

Art, with Black Jack and Jesse

Behind every great man are his felines.

Many of our customers have not had the opportunity to meet Art James, husband to Mary James and the Vice President of HAYS Cleaning. Mary fondly refers to Art as her “numbers guy.”

Art has been the inspiration for the Helping Our Heroes program, which gifts 3 free hours of housecleaning to local Veterans during the Memorial Day and Veterans Day seasons. Art is a Veteran who served in Vietnam. He has experienced some disabilities related to his service and has been fortunate to receive benefits to help compensate for the challenges he continues to face.

As part of his healing, Art and Mary adopted a couple of cats. As any cat lover knows, there is nothing quite like “kitty therapy.” Art regularly sports one or more of the couple’s four cats: Jesse, Josie-Girl, Cute Kitty and Black Jack.

Meet Mary & Art

Mary and Art, with their granddaughter.

Mary and Art, with one of their granddaughters.

HAYS Cleaning is a family owned and operated business. The company likes to think of those who choose to work with them as “part of the family.”  This article features an interview with Mary James, founder of HAYS Cleaning, Inc.

How did HAYS Cleaning come to be?

Mary: I started as just a single mom and I would do house cleaning and yard work. We became H-housework, A-and, Y-yard, S-service. We discontinued the yard services in the 90’s as I found it difficult to continue to have the cost to replace plants that our crew “mistook for weeds.” We then took acronym and became HAYS Cleaning, Inc. in August of 2006.

I built the company and then when I later remarried, I asked my husband, Art, to partner with me. We could not be where we are today without each other. God seems to have always given us enough work to put food on the table, clothes on our backs, a roof over our heads, and the ability to enjoy our career. God also seems to provide us with a good team of workers that are known to be “great”.

What is the best part about working with HAYS Cleaning?

Mary: I like what I do. I have enjoyed that I have also lived my life abundantly. I get to be “Mom” too.

What has been your best experience while working with HAYS Cleaning?

Mary: So many of the families that we have service have become our extended family. We have customers today that have been with us since the beginning, since 1979!

What is your favorite cleaning tip?

Mary: (laughing) I know a good cleaning company. They provide dependable, family oriented and flexible services. Call Mary at HAYS – 708-598-3819.