The Men of HAYS Cleaning

Art, with Black Jack and Jesse

Art, with Black Jack and Jesse

Behind every great man are his felines.

Many of our customers have not had the opportunity to meet Art James, husband to Mary James and the Vice President of HAYS Cleaning. Mary fondly refers to Art as her “numbers guy.”

Art has been the inspiration for the Helping Our Heroes program, which gifts 3 free hours of housecleaning to local Veterans during the Memorial Day and Veterans Day seasons. Art is a Veteran who served in Vietnam. He has experienced some disabilities related to his service and has been fortunate to receive benefits to help compensate for the challenges he continues to face.

As part of his healing, Art and Mary adopted a couple of cats. As any cat lover knows, there is nothing quite like “kitty therapy.” Art regularly sports one or more of the couple’s four cats: Jesse, Josie-Girl, Cute Kitty and Black Jack.

One thought on “The Men of HAYS Cleaning

  1. Baby you’re the Best! To the moon Arthur W. James!!!
    Who would have ever thunk we could do this together without killing each other? There may have even been ‘people’ placing bets! Well babe, thanks for 26 years of wedded bliss and 15 years of bringing the best of the both of us, to be business partners and making this work. Job well done.
    Cudos to us, babe. It’s all by the Grace of God. Amen.
    Your Most favorite Elephant in the Room, Mary

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