Meet Beverly, HAYS’ Social Gal

Beverly, with her  son

Beverly, with her son

Beverly Osterman helps spread the word about HAYS Cleaning through the social media outlets.

How did you find out about HAYS Cleaning?

One of my very best friends, Karen Hoogland, asked me to help with some advertising for one of her clients. I was out of a job and she knew I needed some extra money. That company was HAYS Cleaning and I have been with them since October 2013.

What is the best part about working with HAYS Cleaning?

The best part about working with HAYS Cleaning is the people. I work in the background doing computer work and advertising, so I do not see most of the cleaning staff on a daily basis, but when I do they are very friendly and fun to be around. Mary and Art are great bosses. They live by simple rules that are similar to my own, including trusting in God.

Do you have a favorite cleaning tip?

I have many and I post them on the HAYS website under the “15 Minutes & Done” part of the company blog. I am a person that likes it simple, quick, and easy. Check out HAYS Cleaning web site, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter for awesome ways for quick cleaning solutions.

Do you have any humorous stories about working with HAYS Cleaning that you would like to share?

I have to say it is all the cats and their people. Wherever I work there are always cats that want to help. It is funny when I pull out my computer; it attracts all of the cats in the vicinity. This happens even when I visit the HAYS Cleaning office or work with Karen at her office: the cats join the fun!  I spend at least 10 to 15 minutes trying to get them to go away, before I can get anything done. And yes my cats are no exception. I’m glad I work with so many cat lovers. Mary, Art and  Karen are great cat lovers, I’m glad I have the chance to work with these wonderful cat people.

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  1. Dear Bev, You are forever working in the background and sometimes I may overlook how much you are to be appreciated! We would be short on completing our office personal that keep the ‘cogs’ in our system constantly running and operating without you.. Karen knew what she was doing when she introduced us to each other. What we have is Teamwork. It’s not any one of us, it’s what each of us do with our strengths that we bring, that make us the success that we are. God has always provided us with both work and workers, My cup runneth over, Mary James

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