Our Heroes Rock!

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Brave: One who shows courage.
Hero: One with great courage and strength.
Veterans: Brave, courageous and strong.

February 16, 1973.  On this day, my husband, Art James, put his feet back on American soil after serving our Nation in the U.S. Army.

I did not know Art then, but I do appreciate the sacrifice he made so long ago. Art is my husband, my friend, my partner. He is also my hero.


Art (far right), with his son and grandson.

It matters to me just to let you know. Let us each celebrate this anniversary, perhaps welcome him home in your own way.

While you help me celebrate this day, keep in mind the many other service men and women who continue to serve our country today.

Here at HAYS Cleaning, we celebrate and honor the many men and women who have given service to our country by providing complimentary cleaning services during the Memorial Day and Veterans Day holidays.


There are so many ways to show appreciation:

  • Tie a yellow ribbon on a tree.
  • Share a photo with us.
  • Thank a Veteran and his or her family.
  • Pledge Allegiance to the Flag of this great United States of America.
  • Believe in One Nation Under God.
  • Help one another.
  • Offer a quick prayer for those who were brave enough to protect the Land of the Free.

I remember every day to acknowledge them all; to all who have served, I say a prayer for you every day. Tell us about your brave heroes. How do you celebrate our veterans and active servicemen and servicewomen?

~Mary James
President, HAYS Cleaning, Inc.