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Like Us - Follow Us - Get FREE STUFF

From now through August 6, 2013, Facebook Fans who “Like” AND “Share” or “Like” AND “Comment” on 10¬†different status updates/posts on our Facebook page will receive a $10 gift card from HAYS Cleaning to use on!

Promotion Guidelines

  1. Visit our Facebook page at; “Like” us!
  2. Choose a current status update/post, dated from July 16, 2013 and newer.
  3. “Like” AND “Share” the status/update post OR
  4. “Like AND “Comment” on the post.
  5. Repeat with 9 other unique status updates/posts.
  6. One gift card to be presented with each 10 unique status updates/posts shared.
  7. After August 6, 2013, HAYS Cleaning will contact the Fans who have participated for shipping information. Cards will be either emailed or snail mailed (Fan preference).